Jan 21 2010

Massey Ferguson 9895 and MF 1270 Baler


Download: Massey Ferguson 9895 and MF 1270 Baler [Hotfile.com]


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  1. Carl

    there a little problem that download link direction me to an IH harvester
    …its not supposed to be massey ferguson???

  2. Toby

    Same thing happened to me

  3. Andreas (the original)

    d-load it and im sure in the game it is an mf as it says, but the name might be slighlty wring

    Andreas (the original)

  4. Beetle

    it is not the masey it is the IH

  5. andreas

    weird, its like the “new” map called: new map with new fruitsorthen… something, it say that mods are included, even in the movie, but there is no mods……

  6. James

    It IS the IH and without the trailer I might add

  7. Jeff

    It is really too bad that no one pays attention to our comments. I was looking for a combination like this. Someone obviously uploaded the wrong file.

  8. Gaute

    this was cool ;P azume:):)=)

  9. Trucker Rob


  10. Patrick

    because he’s dont buy the copyright of massey ferguson

  11. guggy

    is this for 2011?

  12. martje

    i have download it and get a old machine and not the combine whit press is there some one that now the right link ….

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