Feb 01 2010

John Deere MOD Pack (17 mods)

John Deere MOD Pack (17 mods)

Description: by Zoli 108

Download: John Deere MOD Pack (17 mods) [Hotfile.com]


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  1. Tim

    for the liquid fertilizer tank, what trailer do i put it close to to fill it up .. ? im a little confused on that ….. and do i need to plow the field first for it, or will it seed w/o plowing ? Thanks m8

  2. da man

    hey where do you gt seeds for the seeders, and all other fillable ones this is really pissing me off thanks m8

  3. Stron

    You must plow the field before seeding. To fill the seeder, back it up to a trailer that has seed you want to plant, then press the M key.
    Me, I can’t get the Sprayer to work! I press B, it gives me a short burst then stops…

  4. douglas

    what farming 2011 or 2009

  5. douglas

    I´m don´t speak english

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