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  1. Tim says:

    for the liquid fertilizer tank, what trailer do i put it close to to fill it up .. ? im a little confused on that ….. and do i need to plow the field first for it, or will it seed w/o plowing ? Thanks m8

  2. da man says:

    hey where do you gt seeds for the seeders, and all other fillable ones this is really pissing me off thanks m8

  3. Stron says:

    You must plow the field before seeding. To fill the seeder, back it up to a trailer that has seed you want to plant, then press the M key.
    Me, I can’t get the Sprayer to work! I press B, it gives me a short burst then stops…

  4. douglas says:

    what farming 2011 or 2009

  5. douglas says:

    I´m don´t speak english

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