Apr 01 2010

Farming Simulator 2009 Multiplayer

Farming Simulator 2009 Multiplayer

Description: By: ?

Download: Farming Simulator 2009 Multiplayer [Hotfile.com]


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  1. jd7930s


    how can you install this multiplayer

  2. DJ Danni

    hi. I am trying to install this mod. But i canot install it. I am on Windows XP. Any help?

  3. farmer 22

    look at the read me first
    great mod

  4. kevindiddy

    hey how do u install it does not say anything on the readme

  5. Martin Christensen

    Hey How leis the multiplayer mods in the game? Help me please

  6. Canadian Farmer

    how do i get this mod??
    please help

  7. Canadian Farmer

    i meant like how do i install it

  8. zetor.fedor

    how to instal this mod. there are stupid

  9. Matti

    well, it doesnt work :)

  10. hampe

    is it working

  11. mcgill2009

    this mod does not work, it was an april fools joke by one of the admin on LS-UK.

  12. mikko

    it,s this work

  13. xdsq

    hey how install this mod PLEASE HELP ME

  14. XpA


  15. WILL


  16. anonimo

    your ass, nicht über q, seine frei, ihre verzögert, muss Deutsch sein …

  17. Ole Kristian


    can some speak norwegian.:)
    I come from norwegian

  18. paul


  19. Evil Odyssey

    Hey guys uhm if any one has made any progress with a multiplayer mod pleaze let me know and plaeze no pranks pleaze i really want the real thing think of it like this the one that invent’s this mod will be fameous!!!!!!!!!!!!! my email:evil.odyssey@live.com

  20. Eric

    This mod works fine, just like it’s been intended.

    There was something omitted in the read me file. To get this mod to work, you need to create a folder called “April Fool” (it’s case sensitive) in the mod folder located:

    C:\Documents and Settings\(YOUR USERNAME)\My Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2009\mods

    Then launch the game. Enjoy.

  21. hummer753


  22. love_this

    FFS it´s an april joke!!!!!!!

  23. Ivan

    Idiots this 1st april joke

  24. ich

    wie instaliert man den multiplayer weil das was eric sagt ijendwei nicht geht

  25. Wilderz

    epic aprils fool!
    wud b gd if its real thou

  26. Stoiva

    this is fake it was an april fools joke

  27. Paul

    me thinks the admin ought remove this :/

  28. daniel123

    please tell me how to install this mod

  29. NonStop

    translate SU BALANDZIO 1-AJA TAI BUVO TIK POKSAS = In April 1st! This was just a joke! translate from Lithuanian language

  30. ola norway

    farming simulator 2011 18 oktober multiplayer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Lozgata

    its a prank

  32. anonim

    Este o gluma nu il luati!!!!

  33. damiano

    ma dove devo inserire i file?

  34. farmerboy9

    this multiplayer is availlable in ls 2011

  35. SNTHS

    its a prank

  36. farmerboy9

    i know its a joke but the new farmer simulator 2011 has multiplayer! saw the trailer on ls.uk

  37. daniel123

    i cant insstal dhis mod.please healpe

  38. george

    ok if this work then how do you get it to wwork after you install it

  39. Retro

    It’s working very well!

    Just read instructions in READ ME file :)

  40. Kristian J

    well.. the only thing to do is to wait to 18/10-2010.. go to youtube and see the trailer for landwirtschafts-simulator 2011! i promise you wont get disappointed!! i just watched for 10 minutes, and i love the game already.. MULTIPLAYER-COWS YOU MUST FEED AND MILK-YOU CAN SEE PEOPLE WALKING AROUND IN THE TOWN:D just wait to 18/10-2011!!

  41. robert

    hi please help me
    i dont find farmer simulator 2009 multypalyer eny write here a farmer multiplayer game link??

  42. michaeldk

    It’s fake :(

  43. John Deere Driver

    Is there any way of gettin multiplayer on Farming simulator 2009 Gold edition

  44. Rene

    noobs!!! it´s fake! :(

  45. warren

    hay man does it work

  46. peter

    this is fake te gay how place this is a fat gay IST FAKE

  47. peter

    if you are a idiot that reads the read me firts and it nt now then you dont read the read me it says that this is A BIG JOKE al clear now?

  48. Paul

    how do i write to them im playing with on FS 2011 for mac?

  49. geri

    cs nem tud valaki mondjuk a farmer simulator 2009 vagy a 2011 hez valami multi tanácsokat mert nekem a 2011 hez kéne dlc pack 2 csak nem tom hogy hol lehet ingyen letölteni ha valaki tud 1 linket adjon és a 2009 el hogy kell multizni? előre is köszi a segítséget

  50. Gorky

    You f****** as******, f*** you and your f****** mod

  51. ale534

    ciao dove si prendono le mods per giocare online???

  52. Jakub

    super game

  53. eren103

    aa bende hotfileye girmiyoo

  54. edike

    this game is very good

  55. jivko i tati

    izkam da tragne

  56. Alen12345

    SUPER 😀

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