Container Trailer

Container Trailer

Description: This mod is made from the Hauswirth 25 bale-trailer. (By Jdfan and Bayn)
It’s able to attach 2 containers (HKL- and Zippo’s containers)
Zippos containers can be loaded by both a containertruck and a frontloader.
Remember that when unloading grain with Zippo’s containers attached to the trailer,
the tipReferencePoint on the front container is on the right side and the rear container is on the left.
HKL containers is quite hard to load with a HKL-truck so a frontloader with HKL_tool is easiest.

By kott_huvud (added 2 frontloader- and 2 containerattachers, frame, toolboxes and wheels)
Jdfan, Bayn (Orginal model and script Hauswirth 25)
Wheels by Lipa and VMarci (ScaniaT164V2)

Download: Container Trailer []

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