Bale Wrapper

Bale Wrapper

Description: Mod by – Koper & Capek

Download: Bale Wrapper []
Download: Bale Wrapper []

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19 Responses

  1. tyler says:

    instuctions in english please and i can only wrap one bale i have to bby a new one after every bale

  2. Dan says:

    Did anyone get this to work? My game wont boot up when I put this in the mod folder

  3. DutchGuy says:

    I even can get it to work.
    No matter i’ve i make round bales the machine just WON’T get them.
    I used it by bales of wheat, corn, grass and another one but it won’t start.
    Greetings Me

  4. cocco says:

    it was not good its don`t work?

  5. sivert says:

    how du just it?????

  6. Jed says:

    i cant get it to work either i put it in the mod folder and it goes nno further thank the black screen with the writing at the bottom

  7. lee says:

    this mod doesnt work

  8. george says:

    i know i tried it and i even put a bale on it and it didn’t do anything. so i download a bailer that bails and wraps it at the same time. It makes round bales i like it. Once again this mod does not work like it says it does

  9. messi 50459 says:

    how this fing works?

  10. messi 50459 says:

    lee you are wrait . ay load the ball end this baill wraper dont works

  11. massi51111 says:

    Hi i want have that program i can do mods in :)

  12. C.Ronaldo says:

    You must have baler for this wrapper. The wrapper must attached on the baler

  13. Adddi says:

    C.Ronaldo what baler? you dont need a baler for this wrapper it work to attach the wrapper to the tractor

  14. david says:

    you need the straw mod baler to make this thing work which if your wondering is a claas variant 380 round baler straw mod is and rar file

  15. josh says:

    will it work on fram sim 2011

  16. Adddi says:

    you don’t need the straw mod baler to make this thing to work you can just attach the wrapper directly to the tractor if you don’t think that is true watch this video it was not me as did the video

  17. Adddi says:

    and can you please convert this wrapper to ls2011?

  18. Pmarten8 says:

    Hi Yes Please convert this to FS2011 ive tried to convert it following the guide but had no luck Please Please Convert this

  19. Genta says:

    Is that a square bale wrapper or a round bale wrapper?

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