Jul 08 2010

Round Bales AutoStack

Round Bales AutoStack

Description: Model from FS08: sk8mike
FS09 Script: Defender
Tester: Maca

Download: Round Bales AutoStack [Hotfile.com]
Download: Round Bales AutoStack [Uploading.com]


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  1. Arna

    Been searching for that Baler in the background, anyone have any idea what the name of it is or a link to download?

  2. pepe_luco

    The bale machine on the back… behind the JD, where can I find that one?

  3. joseoh

    go 2 Implements & Tools but it is rar and rar will not work

  4. James

    The baler behind is the Krome Combipack 1500 and I think the zip file for it is named Kuhn_Multi_Master122.zip but I could be wrong.

  5. James

    Sorry the zip file above is wrong it should be Krone_BigM_II_V2.zip I think

  6. James

    Anyway when the autostack is used with that baler you get a message saying ” bale is not round or you are using an old version of the baler”

  7. Luke north

    Does anyone know where i can find a square bale autostacker for LS 09? I would be very pleased if anyone could help me. I did have a case autostacker but i cleaned out my mods folder because i was having problems with my game, but i fixed it, and i cannot find it anywhere. If you know where to find one please leave a comment on this page. Thank You!

  8. James

    the autostacker for 2009 is called Arcusin AutoStack

  9. Marcel

    This autostacker for roundbales doesn’t work it need some work to load the bales correctly no you can load 7 instead of 10 bales so is there a smart mod maker out there who can fix this thing?

  10. Michael

    is it for 2011

  11. gamer0022

    You get square bales autostacker in farm sim 2009 gold. It comes with few new cultiwators and seeders.

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