Jul 18 2010

CASE IH 2388

Description: This is the CASE IH 2388 v1 pack by me (Knagsted). It includes:

1 Case IH 2388 US edition with rowcrop (Dual) drive wheels
1 Case IH 2388 US edition with single drive wheels
1 1020 30 feet flexhead header
1 12 row cornhead
1 header trailer

Download: CASE IH 2388 [Hotfile.com]
Download: CASE IH 2388 [Uploading.com]


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  1. Wilderz

    this is epic!

  2. Marco

    The best !!!

  3. riss1967

    You have put in a lot of work on this.
    Well done and thank you for sharing this
    amazing piece of work.
    10 /10

  4. Daz

    it looks great but i have followed the instructions on how to install it and it is just not working. Any help would be good

  5. riss1967

    i extract my mods to desktop, then place them in my main mod folder.
    They all work fine

  6. Daz

    yep did that and nothing happened. I can’t see what i am doing wrong

  7. riss1967

    when u extract the “extract me” zip another extract me folder is created, inside that folder is”mods”folder, inside should be 5 folders.

    If the 5 folders are there, just place them in your mods folder
    C:\Users\[Username]\Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2009\mods

    i hope all files are there.

  8. valmet

    Hi I have a problem with this fashion when I jump into the machine and watch it disappear right thing on the side and the clock disappears but then when I jump out of it so will watch to go back again if anyone knows the problem please tell me

  9. valtra

    there is no zip file at me. somebody now the problem?
    sorry for bad english

  10. valtra

    and i have win rar

  11. valtra


  12. riss1967

    I use “ULTIMATE ZIP” which unzips all types of zip files, also
    I DL files from this site using hotfile.com which I think is more stable
    than the other one

  13. Adddi

    valtra you need to pack up the rar file in the rar file are zip files

  14. help

    how do you open the bar on the side that haves controles on it

  15. Jackal

    This is an absolutely awesome combine mod. Great work Knagsted!!!

    With that being said…

    Maybe someone can help me out because I can’t even get through one row of corn with the Fendt 9460 combine before it reaches 12,300 (100% capacity).

    The Case IH 2388 takes about 3 rows. I’m pretty sure I’m doing everything write, I have the hydro stat set at 50%, 2nd gear, 1800-2000 engine RPMs, 800 thresher RPMs, and crop type selector knob at “big round.”

    It also takes forever to unload the grain into the tipper. Almost 5 times as long as the standard Fendt combine which came with the game. This is even with the engine RPMs maxed out at 2200.

    Does anyone have any suggestions. Or has anyone else experienced these issues?


  16. Jackal

    right not write, sorry

  17. Jackal

    Never mind, things are working perfectly now. I figured out what I was doing wrong.

  18. hayden

    how do u get th hud to work

  19. pulley

    hey can u make this mod for fs2011

  20. case farmer

    the best combine ever, please convert in fls2011

  21. farmboy473

    Hey can you make this mod for 2011

  22. jdfarmer

    great mod!!! but can you make it in a JD S690i skin? plzzzz

  23. jdfarmer

    great mod!!! but can you make it in a JD S690i skin? plzzz

  24. nenea

    my mirrors are gray :(

  25. higgins

    i cant get the header up to speed. dose any one no how ???????????

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