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  1. jaybo says:

    wow nice video and map, must have that :) Btw you should allways harvest with your right side to the ege of the field. so you dont drive into a tree with your tube and headers are fragile on the left side 😀

  2. Dark Brotherhood says:

    this is the best map good work every thing work, this map is the king of all map :) :) :)

  3. sydney says:

    great map

  4. Nico says:

    Where do I find my “farm” on this map??

  5. Regin says:

    Nice map. But Im getting a lot of erorrs trying to load a savegame.

  6. kevin says:

    what is the tresher called in this map?

  7. Johndoe says:

    Any kind soul mind telling me the name of the tractor that he’s using? Or possibly link me to where i can download it? Would be very grateful :)

  8. Greekfarmer says:

    Congratulations to ‘pfreek’ and to ‘LS-Modsource Team’.It is really the best map ever made.Perfect job you boys.What fruits can I use? Please,answer me back.

  9. hiiiiiiii says:

    bad map

  10. louis says:

    great map but how do you get the grain out of the silo’s – i go under the shoot and press ‘x’ to change grain but how do you get it going?

  11. Dark Brotherhood says:

    i use origial tractor and harvester , every thing work perfectly ….whent you try this map for the 1st time you need the make a new game … don’t use old save game from another map:)……i love this map, i try over 40 map and this is the best god damn map ( this is the KING OF MAP )

  12. Al says:

    WoW amazin this is a great map ive tried lots of maps aswell this is much better than the TSV3 map that everyone was talking about its class’s thats being used by the way.][];l’#;

  13. Bjrg says:

    TRop la classe la map la!!!(Elle marche pas chez moi :/(

  14. louis says:


  15. louis says:

    where do you sell stuff?

  16. Dark Brotherhood says:

    ( in english you sell stuff on the mill just behind the corn field below the train over pass look in the corner of the map whent you see a ched whit fertilizer on it is just the mill building behind it … sorry for my english)…….( en francais pour vendre le grain ses au mill juste en arriere du champ de mais ,le champ de mais qui est en desous de l’over pass pour le train quand tu voie la grange avec du fertilizer dedant ses juste en avant dans le gros building

  17. i still cant see the mill so that i cam sell the grain on the map i have looked behind the cornfeild under the train rail and cant see it plz help me

  18. Dark Brotherhood says:

    push i key to show the map (the mill is on nord est corner of the map :) if someone know where i can sell my bale plz tell me because i don’t know . i try the grass factory i put my bale in the container near the big green tank put i don’t get pay the container fill up but they don’t pay me :( lol

  19. Kory says:

    where do i find the farm? other than that great map answers plz

  20. Al says:

    hey guys you seem to be having some problems finding the mill so im going to tell you right here we go; Start by driving out of the farm and under the bridge that leeds to the corn fiel so turn LEFT after the bridge there should be a little track leading round the field follow that down on the LEFT there should be a turn off for the road egnore that carry on following the track then there should be a turn LEFT for a tarmac road and on the RIGHT should be the track again turn RIGHT to keep on following the track round the corn field you should see it appear after a short while
    its like a liitle shed in the mill that you halft to dive into as soon as you turn the cornor to enter the mill you should see it.

  21. Al says:

    hey guys again you also seem to be having some troble findig the farm aswell sell all the tractors at the start then buy theem all again hit tab to enter your tractor ,turn LEFT towards the ALDI keep giong to the junction turn LEFT there then you should see another junction turn RIGHT there then follow the road down it is quite a long road so be patient you shoud see another junction up ahead turn LEFT at thatone then there should be a little turn off to the LEFT follow that little track down there should be a bridge turn LEFT and go under it you will come up the otherside the farm is on the LEFT you will beable to see it. HOPE ALL OF THIS HELPS.

  22. polodelile says:

    what’s the tractor at 1:40 where can i get it please ?

  23. chris says:

    hey guys brilliant map just one question how do u get the grain out of the silos the grain will tip into the silos but how do you get it out have pressed every key on the keyboard with no luck any ideas

  24. Wouter says:

    Same problem can’t get anything out of the silos.
    I’ve seen in GIANTS editor that the trigger is very small so maybe that’s the problem?

  25. Cj says:

    Very nice map

  26. DB says:

    This is the best map ever. You are the best, dude

  27. slow_farmer says:

    Where the hell do you sell grass…i have tried everywhere with no luck…i can dump it anywhere but i want to know where the sell point is so i can get paid for it…help please

  28. Al says:

    I think a few people might be having the same problems as me i dowloaded this map a while back bought all the equipment i needed then set to work farming.Then i tried to get back onto my game but it wouldnt work it just kept on saying unexpected system occurance i realised that id overloaded the game with my equipment so i started a new game only sticking to the bare minimum of stuff. It worked for a short while only to find that it happened again ive tried it a few times now and it is really starting to Bug me please help me. But this map is still AWESOME!

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