Oct 02 2010

John Deer 7930 Forest ModPack

John Deer 7930 Forest ModPack

Modell: Templaer and Wohlstandskind
Textur: Templaer and Wohlstandskind
Script: Zippo, Templaer
Edit: Flibbo, Timbersports

Model: Solanz
Script – Ingame: Solanz, Headshot XXL(support Script)

Download: John Deer 7930 Forest ModPack [Hotfile.com]
Download: John Deer 7930 Forest ModPack [Uploading.com]


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  1. polodelile

    can you make a zip folder please (i’m french)

  2. polodelile

    what’s the touch to turn the arm? please

  3. RRS

    where i can find greifer? Thanks.

  4. Sjoerd

    i don’t ahve an tree’s in the game
    were can i buy some tree’s


  5. werdo

    Where is the grabber for this machine ?

  6. ND-918-S

    grabber for machines can be found on LS-UK.com and usually to get the arm to rotate L and R it’s : Z & X

  7. jdfarmer

    Very nice mod!!!
    thanks for this:)

  8. fermierdu16

    where to find a clip?

  9. max

    which map is it on the backside sorry for bad english

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