Oct 21 2010

Money Cheats

Money Cheats

– Put this mod in your mods folder
– You heave must be on a vehicles to this mod works
– Then press Ctrl + Alt + B – for money..

Credits: ghost1

Download: Money Cheats [Hotfile.com]
Download: Money Cheats [Uploading.com]


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  1. Jeremy

    i downloaded this mod and installed it into my mods folder and it did nothing in or out of a vehicle…its a piece of crap

  2. Dark Brotherhood

    cheat money hahahaha totaly useless i dont need that shit a play the game ……..harvest your stuff and sell it no need cheat moron

  3. JAMES

    i dont see the need to cheat , but loaded and tested and it does work correctly.

  4. jeroen

    you can also change the amount of money in the savegame file

  5. Mark

    How do you install this mod, or any mod, because they don’t load…

  6. Semir

    It’s not working!

  7. Farmer

    Works very well!

  8. Rob Guest

    or u could just edit the price of the mods to a – number, just like all the other Farming Simulators!

  9. Vriki Yiaco Coe

    Thank you. Works very well!

  10. deutzfan

    it works…combination is: Ctrl+Alt+B…but you must be on some tractor or combine-harvester

  11. Joe Foley

    Guys for win 7, start career mode and save it and exit game….. Then go to desktop > (user files e.g. Joe) > my documents > my games > farming simulator 2011 > savegame1 (if its the slot u saved on)

    * Note: now you right click on careersavegame > open with > notepad

    on the top line read across until u see money=”996460687″ (add what values you want) then click save, then exit

    Start the game and load the career save… you will have all the money u want!!!


  12. Oosteind

    If i use this mod, and i press Ctrl+Alt+B, how much money do i get?

    and @ jeroen; how does it work, to change the amount of money in the savegame file?

  13. cam

    why cheat ? farming properly is way more fun

  14. guggy

    THIS IS THE BEST MOD EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. guggy


  16. george

    i have done every thing from ctrl,alt, b all at the same time and it does nothing and yes i was on a tractor doing this this mod is a big joke

  17. !W~@

    it’s not working on farming simulator 2009 but it works on farmung simulator 2011

  18. rovers

    this isn’t for fs 09 u twit its for fs 11 so no it wont work

  19. themitar

    ma ovo je do bola rodjaci :)

  20. harry

    does it work or not

  21. sampson

    yes it does and you don’t need to be on a veicle just not in the shop

  22. sampson

    yes it does, and you don’t need to be on a veicle just not in the shop

  23. deeck

    télécharger, 2) mettez le zip dans mod 3)ouvrer le jeux mettez vous sur un tracteur ou autre , moi ca a marcher sur tout , appuyer sur ctrl et alt en meme temp et seulement sur b apres tout en gardant les 2 autres appuyer. a chaque fois que b et enfoncer votre capitale augmente :( croyer moi ca pe monter trés haut .

  24. murdoc

    A losser´s mod, sad sad sad

  25. jjaa

    its very good

  26. jjaa

    it works with ctrl,altGr,b

  27. barbanete

    i have a problem in farming simulater 2011 this work but in farming simulator 2009 doesn’t work whi?

  28. andrew

    how to edit cotton picker to work on map

  29. alexa

    IT works perfektly but

    get you own money bro :)

  30. Randy

    I only use it when i download a new mod and i want to test it out

  31. emanuele

    ma il mods dei soldi fa anche per farming simulator 2009 ?????

  32. IlHaM NaNdA

    Dont Work… 8( > 8P

  33. kolby

    lol i hacked the game for money now i am ritch

  34. farmer 2

    Is money cheat working in fs 2009?

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