Nov 16 2010

Round Bale AutoStack

Round Bale AutoStack

Model from FS08: sk8mike
FS09 Script: Defender
Tester: Maca
FS2011 Conversion Elli

Download: Round Bale AutoStack [Hotfile.com]
Download: Round Bale AutoStack [Uploading.com]


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  1. Dan

    Needs some work!!! Sometimes only loads one side, other times bales disappear

  2. vorlon69

    only loads one side bales disappear or shrink

  3. Jack

    it wont pick up any bales, wat am i doing wrong

  4. HaugE

    it worked the first time

  5. Darius

    Same thing here Jack, I drive onto various bales, tried with 3 different tractors, different positions and speeds… Any worked. :/

  6. Lil-Farmer

    Only filling up one side of the trailer, then once i try tipping the bed and unloading them, most of them dissapear into the ground :/ Needs work :/

  7. Jack

    ive found if a unattach it and attach the tractor to a different implement use tht implement for a miniute or two, thn reattach the tractor to the bale trailer it will pick up the bales

  8. sirtjeerdo

    mine works but when i put the bales on the ground they dont keep on standing but that doesnt matter thanks

  9. Digger123

    hallo habe ihn mir runter geladen aber er nimmt keine auf und fährt einfach vorbei warum

  10. hellhawk

    i have the same problem as lil-farmer. it worked fine till i did a hard drive defrag. then it was giving me the same problems as lil-farmer. pleeeeeezzzzzz fix cause this is one of my top 5 fave imps in the game.

  11. hellhawk

    ok jacks method works fine. but it should not have to come to that to enjoy a 10/10 game. so pleeese do fix. have dumped the xbox 360 for 3 weeks now for this game alone. ps could some one crack this game so i could get on mp.

  12. Cliify

    It miscounts bales collections so you lose money. this device worked perfectly in FS 2009. Be gr8 if it cud get fixed.

  13. Nivkong

    does not work in 2011
    won’t pick up bales

  14. jack

    I have the same problem as all u guys, it wont pick up the bales. exellent piece of equiptment, but doesnt work, please fix it

  15. John Deere Fan

    I have same problem. have about 200round bales to collect. tried loading them in a trailer, but could only move 4 at one time and they usually fall out on the way to the farm! so i saw this hoping it would save some time, and then when i went to use it, it wouldn’t pick up any bales!! It’s a nice mod, but it needs serious work!!

  16. alex

    guys how can i made a mode for farming?

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