Nov 27 2010

Lemken Gigant 1400

Lemken Gigant 1400

Modell: Claasy und sk8mike
Textur: sk8mike
Script: Outlaw / Face / Jegge
LS11 Conversion: Jegge
Script Edit: Jegge

Download: Lemken Gigant 1400 [Hotfile.com]
Download: Lemken Gigant 1400 [Uploading.com]


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  1. reeves

    How can you make this hireable?

  2. JAMES

    great mod!!!! i beleive it is washable, but a word to the wise DO NOT HIRE OUT!!! the safe mode is voided out and will leave edges around feilds cut up, if you have to hire out then you manually should do all the edges and then hire out to avoid distorting the edges of the feilds.

  3. JAMES

    tested with pressure washer and it is washable.

  4. Ben

    For active the Safe mod or not, just touch the B

  5. JAMES

    truly, we have a farmer master among us, who does not need a tractor to cultivate, as for the safe mod,it does not appear to be working.if your thinking of the K1570 ,it is not the same.

  6. Gajo

    Is this one bigger than K1570?

  7. Lehmann

    The Kompaktomat K1570 is mucht bigger than this

  8. Stron

    I find No problems with this Mod other than turning in the field, kinda jumps around if you turn too tight. The reflectors on the front hit the tractors rear tires. I use it on all my large fields…

  9. Aurel

    Really good but in multiplayer, players can’t see the work of others players with this tool.
    So it is useless in multiplayer :(

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