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7 Responses

  1. urška says:

    hov it work

  2. daniel says:

    how do you start the engine pls pls pls help

  3. Tamworthleon says:

    to start press 4 BUT this mod has other issues. When you restat the game the car seems to shake badly and its not useable,hopfully someone can sort it as its a good mod!

  4. MARCEL says:

    Bad mod doesn’t work no engine and operating key’s are missing only the doors open and close thats about it so bad mod its no use waste of downloadtime 3.5 minutes

  5. Tamworthleon says:

    Took me 45 seconds to download it and i can get the engine to start with no problem.Just a problem with it when you restart the game.

  6. reMa says:

    You have to go to controls and change ,, Missing| ZENDUNG …… change to witch key you want to start your car now save and start …… You will see in the corner were the start was empty now it will be your input key …..
    And the car is very very fast it goes 100 MPH

  7. mr5skiller says:

    hey how start the car ???

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