Feb 07 2011

Tatra HKL Pack

Tatra HKL Pack

Edit, convert to LS11: Fundik

Download: Tatra HKL Pack [Hotfile.com]
Download: Tatra HKL Pack [Uploading.com]


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  1. kwame

    your best thanks

  2. farmeriii

    can u make 2009 version?


    Its a nice pack to sit on your farm yard but it doesn’t do anything
    It looks cool but thats about it

  4. eagle

    mh wie startet man die bude ?

  5. Mac

    Why did you make it for the Fliegl hkl and not the Agroliner that’s much better?

  6. Mates

    Start tatra…?Taste

  7. makai

    the fertilizer tank (big red tank) can refill from right rear corner but it must be on the ground (works with the john deere air planter :) . the crane works very well once you figure out controls. “o” to deploy outriggers and use the crane : ) the fuel tank (white and blue) works as well. cant figure out how to use the truck so i just use the trailer behind a tractor. the slurry tank works as well (big blue tank). any use for the seed bag? i need a seed tender, any advice for others?

  8. Snow

    You need to go into options and assign a key to start the truck, I use ‘keypad enter’ works fantastic! Best mod I’ve ever seen! 5 out off 5!

  9. lange94

    can you make this pack for ls 09 please


  10. mathijs

    how do i fill the bag u can lift with the crane??

  11. adfh95

    how do you fill the yellow feul tank?

  12. jeff

    this is an awesome truck it pulls my 500000 tipper better than any tractor i have tried

  13. Allebane

    I think this is about the best mod I have downloaded. It works great (more than I can say for most). I don’t see the use for the big bag eather but it is fun. @ adfh95, you don’t need to fill the fule tank. Just pull up to it.

  14. Thomas Barger

    How do you start the truck??

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