Mar 12 2011

Antonov AN-2

Antonov AN-2

By: Tibicsoki4
Script: Sven777b (airplane)

Download: Antonov AN-2 [Hotfile.com]
Download: Antonov AN-2 [Uploading.com]


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  1. Ben10

    You could do something to prop it worked.

  2. spike

    the plane didn’t work for me, the motor is running, but it doesn’t move

  3. sa

    how to fly it?

  4. jean

    Como faz pra liga ele e voar ?

  5. mänu

    I can not flight wit that fuck !!

  6. LUKAS

    WHY du you flight with that???

  7. alex

    how can i start it?

  8. Dave

    Cool looking plane, but I already have flight simulator

  9. hamish

    haha Dave :)

  10. feedjo

    8456 is forward, backward, left, right and wasd is up, down and rotate left and right..
    But again in LS 2009 the airplanes could spray the fields, but this and piper in LS2011 are just a toy meantime.

  11. Guggy

    Dave fligth sim are best

  12. fin

    i have the mac version of farming simulator 2011 English (from amazon) and of course this being a mac i have the blutooth keyboard which does not have a seperate numberpad, all it has are the numbers above the keyboard. how can i start it? it wont even move! 8 doesn’t work nor 456709123

  13. kj

    i have a mac to and have this game on it upgrade boarda

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