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17 Responses

  1. Farmer_1989 says:

    awsome mod!! what does it do?

  2. johni says:

    what shall it be used for?

  3. peter says:

    you can use ir for log claws i think maby something else to but i dont know for sure dut the log claw need to fit on it just download it en test but i cant test my pc is broken en this pc is to slow

  4. DjDjuck says:

    great mod ! Funktioniert super nur weiter so

  5. Marcel says:

    Let me ask you something, this game is calles farming simulator and its about farming feeding cow’s sell milk and grow crobs o the field.
    So what you need a big crne like that for its a nice mod thats for sure but i am just wondering what i should do with it on a farm.
    You say you can use it for log’s but isn’t a little big for log’s this crane is more something for a construction site not a farm.
    But after all its a very nice made mode and maby someone will come up with a use for it maby learn your cow’s to fly LOL ( just kidding)
    Nice mod if you made it well done

  6. Stron says:

    Wish you could move the Blocks/pulleys up and down. The block does attach to things for sure…

  7. Jon says:

    How do you get the block to attach to things?

  8. Typhoon says:

    Very nice mod! The credits here are different than the ones shown in the mod. So maybe you are not the creator but I think it looks very good! Also the steering axles are brilliant! But to be a critic ass for a sec :) (it can help if you want to complete it further, just info, no obligation!)

    -Too bad that the cable, hook isn’t able to move.
    -Next to that, I think you forgot the cylinder under the main arm, the one that brings the arm up and down.
    -The arm goes up to high, should be 83% maximum.
    -The main arm goes through the motor part below (max -3% I believe).
    -It shows it is a Kato 1300SL, so a capacity of 130 ton at 8 metres or something, running on 5 axles so should have 5 parts coming out of the arm instead of 4. Total length is 52m then.

    That’s it so far :) The machines are great to work with them, haven’t worked with a KATO but a lot of experience with FAUN & Liebherr. Like your model.

    I think this can be useful for the ones who use the logging maps etc. Maybe it’s also possible to use it for bales but not really realistic then.

  9. seddik says:

    hi,wow so impresiv lol,but a don’t think it’s can help for something else,but nice try

  10. Jeroen says:

    Maybe someone can make a big magnet so you can lift tractors and combines with it 😛

  11. Stron says:

    Jon ask:”How do you get the block to attach to things?”
    It came with pallet forks, look in the store for it and pads for the outriggers you need to buy 4, 1 for each outrigger then it will stand on the riggers and lift the wheels. To attach just boom it out and down to the forks, when your close enough you get the Q to attach.The numpad 9,6 swivels the forks,7 and 4 raise the main boom,8 and 5 boom out the sections. M and N work the outriggers while V and B plant the outrigger pads to the ground. If you did not buy the 4 pads at the store it will just sink the riggers in the ground without raising the wheels off.
    I have picked up pallets with it but it’s hard to keep it on the forks.
    Very nice mod! And love the Crain view C key

  12. Stron says:

    Forgot, with the outrigger pads to attach them to the crain just drive it over the pads and line up each outrigger with the pad one at a time. When your over the pad you get the Q to attach it. Hope this all helps someone!

  13. peter says:

    great mod but it need brakes and the hook needs to go up and down good work

  14. peter says:

    the crane needs flashlights too it a big monster crane but dont have any lights so add lights olso side lights then its realy good now its just good keep working on this and other mods

  15. Guillaume says:

    comment on fait pour descendre et monter le groché ?

  16. Jason says:


    The crane does work really, I didn’t get what the pads where for. I bought one and attached it to the hook, I then thought I could pick stuff up.

    Will try it again with the pads in the right place!

    Can it lift vehicles, thats what I wanted it for, for getting stuff out of rivers after tools have been on my multiplayer map!

  17. Maj_Solo says:

    You can lift up whole tractors in the air and put them down safely in the field. I had this one in fs13. I use courseplay when playing fs15. And sometimes when a tractor with a full chaser bin tries to leave field to empty ir it can get stuck, or jump fences and end up in a garden with a fence and no way out.

    I know you can reset vehicles. BUT! If you have played a map for 200 hours and have many mods installed farm sim can become unstable. My fs13 game got unstable where I could NOT reset vehicles anymore on that map. I HAD to get them out of where they were stuck somehow.

    My fs15 game is also now untable.

    So while courseplay drive all the other tractors. You have time to go get the KATO and go rescue that stuck tractor.

    The crane has a tool named “Kruuk” I guess it means hook. This one can attach and lift any vehicle or tool like a cultivator up in the air.

    I do not know if this is a working or failed port to fs15 I am downloading myself now cause I need the KATO.

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