Oct 26 2011

New Fruits For FS 2011

New Fruits For FS 2011

Fruits for installing
The following fruits are included:
betterave, sunflower, oat carrot, carrot, pea, potato, pea, green wheat, lettuce,
, strawberry green onions, chives, pineapple, tea, rice, sugarcane, soybean, cauliflower, kale,
white cabbage, red cabbage, gruenbo, nad, gelbbo, spinach, alfalfa, triticale, radish, mint,
rye, turnip, tomato, artichoke, watermelon, cantaloupe, champingons, eggplant, squash and cotton.
All Foliage,map Fruits and mount Map Guide


Download: New Fruits For FS 2011 [Hotfile.com]
Download: New Fruits For FS 2011 [Uploading.com]


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  1. putitin 17

    mo me funciona ningun de estas frutas komo se instala ayuda porfa gracias

  2. Mike

    How do you use this mod

  3. Vlado

    How to find new fruits

  4. Erik

    How to install this mod

  5. thibault

    Comment fait on pour installer ce MOD ??

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