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May 15 2014

Demmler TSM 200 7L v 1.0 [MP]

Demmler TSM 200 7L v 1.0 [MP]

Der Abschiebewagen ist Multifruit READY

?32m³ Ladevolumen

?Hintere Achse hat Zwangslenkung

?Kennzeichen MOD ist Eingbaut

?Modell hat ~150.000 Polygone

?Bald auch in Rot und Dunkelgrün erhältlich

?Die Fruitplane wird Erneuert

?Mehr Funktionen(Deichsel animation,Aufbausätze,ÜLW-Schnecke)

?Ein “QuickCover” steht noch in der Testphase

?Eine 3-Achs Version(Demmler TSM 340-9L)

?Evtl. eine Sattel Version für die Deichsel-und Lkwfahrer

?Neue Flotation Reifen von Agrotron155


Download: Demmler TSM 200 7L v 1.0 [MP] []
Download: Demmler TSM 200 7L v 1.0 [MP] []

May 07 2014

Tipper Truck with building v2.0 MR

Tipper Truck with building v2.0 MR

[MR ] Tipper Truck with body ( green ) Since I have been there the MR are special fun with it have had on the truck tipper necessarily a building on it .. So now fit nearly 20 000 liters in the trailer to go with full heavy trailers , which is definitely too much. Thus, not only the axle and suspension is overloaded , and the trailer is far too high and the focus too far above. Nevertheless , almost 9000Liter more than without bodywork, it’s worth it . ! So have fun with it, but always beautiful carefully around the curves go … And slow in potholes Other changes in this version: texture and color .. Features : – Load cereals ( Since the trailer is welded up together so that it is stable he can only open the bottom flap , so you can with him but no silage ( Chaff ) load ) – MoreRealisticMaßstab 1:1 Mod.Daten to Mod: . Vram usage: 7.09 MBObjektanzahl in the i3d : 34Größe Zip : 7 , 16MBCredits : model: schlueterfan1977Ingame : schlueterfan1977 animations : FendtFarmerUmbau on MoreRealistic : model eicher further modifications in the version with bodywork model eicher original data : from an old truck trailer an inventive farmer has these tipper rebuilt . The trailer was low because he did not get more technical approval for the truck , and thus a really rewarding object. Since the trailer was designed for much larger loads and speeds it is incredibly stable and is the farmer long good services. For this reason, another wooden structure was built on the current construction on it in this version , so that the capacity of this bargain – trailer rises to almost unbelievable 20 000 liters of . However full of wheat is the trailer is definitely hip drive over the permissible total weight then why careful.

Download: Tipper Truck with building v2.0 MR []
Download: Tipper Truck with building v2.0 MR []

Mar 05 2014

Fendt Vario 939 v 1.1 (MoreRealistic)

Fendt Vario 939 v 1.1 (MoreRealistic)

The game requires a license and MoreRealistic Mod


AGO SystemTech T.I.F: (Model und Animationen)
JD7530 TIF: (Interieur und Chenilles Soucy Track ST 800)
Devilkw T.I.F: Scripte
meyer123, fin050808 MTW: TÜV & Qualitätssicherung
Knechti MTW: Manual, Sound, Motorsteuerung und Fahrverhalten

Manuel Leithner (SFM-Modding)
Tobias F.
zartask / Mr. F

Download: Fendt Vario 939 v 1.1 (MoreRealistic) []
Download: Fendt Vario 939 v 1.1 (MoreRealistic) []

Feb 20 2014

Man TGA 28.430 milk truck & Trailer v 1.1

Man TGA 28.430 milk truck & Trailer v 1.1

Man TGA 28.430 milk truck & Trailer v 1.1

Archived: milk with a trailer. Speed ​​of 80 km / h Open doors, lighting fixtures, sloth, realistic exhaust, dust from the wheels.
Milk truck and trailer volume: 16,500 l on.

The game requires a license.

Credits: ETS/GTS, Freakyman

Download: Man TGA 28.430 milk truck & Trailer v 1.1 []
Download: Man TGA 28.430 milk truck & Trailer v 1.1 []

Oct 09 2013

MAN trucks v 2

MAN trucks v 2

Converted as well as I could (I’m not a Provider) about Google SketchUp, Blender, GIANTS Editor 5.0.3.

Vehicle traffic.
Figure installed.
Driving behavior of Giants.
Light of Giants.
Engine sound.
Traffic trigger installed.
Been drowned discs made wheels rolled.
Just copy the Modsordner.

kirtzski und ekki

Download: MAN trucks v 2 []
Download: MAN trucks v 2 []

Sep 28 2013



Hello dear people from all over the world

Presented to you today Harry modding again what good and at the same time Old

Here we have now in the 3rd generation located MAN TGS AGRICULTURAL

I sat down again for you last ran and continued to build something

I have added a lot to him and changed

yes what was installed everything:



Digital speedometer

-rpm indicator


all-wheel drive

-Completely new sounds inc Handbresme

yes and it all is just as good in the earlier drinne MAN

the skinn would be refreshed (thanks to Little_Arti)

He also still has his front and heckhydraulic

Things were going to cause it also is able to pull trailers as normal eg Kröger HKD302 (LS13 standard trailer)

Alles andere:Harry Modding
testzwecke:Böhser Onkel,maxi
Beifahrerscript:Alex2009 und JoXXer
LKW basiert auf ScaniaR560: Scaniapower
scripte:sven777b,Amarlich,Tobias F. (John Deere 6930),Giants,Xentro, modelleicher, Case_IH_MxU135, DragonLord2007

Download: TGS AGRICULTURAL v 3.0 []
Download: TGS AGRICULTURAL v 3.0 []

Jul 17 2013

Scania diesel tank truck v 1.0

Scania diesel tank truck v 1.0

Here I offer a Scania tank Zung!

for fueling tractors and threshers.
(Works like the Hoftankstelle)

Mobile gas station, StVo lighting V3.1, dynamic exhaust, tire dust in the field, einblendbarer attendant.
Price in shop: 68400 €


Download: Scania diesel tank truck v 1.0 []
Download: Scania diesel tank truck v 1.0 []

Jul 12 2013

LKW Kipper

LKW Kipper

– laden von Getreide und Mais
– realistische Gewichtveränderung wenn der Anhänger voll wird
– Angänger schwankt wenn er voll ist etwas

Größe der Zip: 3,93MB
Modell: schlueterfan1977
Ingame: schlueterfan1977 Animationen: FendtFarmer

Download: LKW Kipper []
Download: LKW Kipper []

Jun 27 2013

Regional Map v 1.0

Regional Map v 1.0

Hello I present you today my Regional Map zuverfügung. This is the first version of the map. It is a complete flat map. It might weiterere versions consequences. So are suggestions on what I can change and where their are still errors. The istr my first map I upload.

On the map, you can expect:
BGA on the farm
Pig on the farm
There are 4 verkausstellen available:
Garden Centre Haenchen country restaurant trade
installed Wassermod
There are small and large fields available
large part of the fields have been planted
The fleet was improved
A feed store is built next to the garden and further to the cow pasture

Known issues:
The vehicles not appear when reset unfortunately the court
There is no dairy available because I do not get installed on the Splins Michlkw
I recommend this mod for v 1.0 of Marhu MilkTruckTriggerPlaceable
So now I wish you all a lot of fun gamble on the map.

Download: Regional Map v 1.0 []
Download: Regional Map v 1.0 []

Jun 12 2013

Scania longliner Case Edition v 1.1

Scania longliner Case Edition v 1.1

Hallo Leute Das Lohnunternehmen Trüb is also heute Scania Longline Sein v1.1 zum Download

An den LKW wurde Viel Zeit und Arbeit reingesteckt Bitte achtet Unsere Arbeit sterben Wir Haben geleistet.

Der Mod ist getestet und IST fehler frei

zum Scania

-Bel. v31




-Arbeitslicht vorne / hinten

-Geschwindigkeit ca. 60km / h

-Led `s

MP fähig


Numpad 4 = Fernlicht

Numpad 5 = Arbeitslicht vorne

Numpad 0 = Arbeitslivht hinten

Numpad 6 = Led `s

Pos1 = Warnblitzer

Drezahlbegrenzer = Bildhoch / Bildrunter

Update 02.06.2013 (v1.1)
- Komplett neuer Haut
- Fahreigenschaften verbessert

Scania Power

Download: Scania longliner Case Edition v 1.1 []
Download: Scania longliner Case Edition v 1.1 []

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