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Aug 07 2013

Riverside 2013 v 2.0

Riverside 2013 v 2.0

What’s new in v2:
remake main and dairy farm – new buildings
remake The Agripoint – new buildings
update watermod to v3 – now you can use ingame water trailer for refill animal bowl
improve performance
add some sound
add motorboat on river
many minor changes

Profarm Riverside was one of my favorite map in FS2011, and i make this map for FS2013, because Halycon not convert his profarm addon.
Map has all standart FS2013 featurs(except mission’s, because i hate mission’s )
Map has watermod for cow, sheep and chicken(chicken zone accept water and wheat)
Many trees arouns field’s has no collision for using helper mode.
Grain can be sell at big AgriPoint near dealership, and at inn(north of map), egg can be sell also at the inn.
Wool can be sell at shore(on original riverside map mill was there).

map by teccer
NI Modding – lot of map object’s
Bullgore( – paintable tree’s
Marhu – watermod
Frisco0177 – Foragestore
MF 7620 – fence
Javier007 (Big Boss Modding) – bridge
Aerocool1 – railway
eicher – garage(like “chicken house”)
Nick98.1 – signs
Manu ya

Download: Riverside 2013 v 2.0 []
Download: Riverside 2013 v 2.0 []

Aug 08 2012

Stable and BGA for Riversidemap V2

Stable and BGA for Riversidemap V2

After a lot of people wanted to like to use the stall next to a BGA on the map of Riverside Profarm, and I wanted the barn anyway überarbeutet again, I am endschlossen to add another BGA.
This is her in the village from the dealer.
In addition, two more were built for high pressure Abladepunkte bundles (see pictures). This can not square or round bales are unloaded / sold!
At the barn can be fed corn and grass, which is then written in the PDA well.
Barley can be stored at the stable ebenfals and removed (SHOT).
Manure and manure run through the standard trigger.
In the BGA substrate ebenfals can be picked up, of course, only if you feed the glutton too.

The field on which the BGA is, must not be managed!
I made the base plate so that you do not need to outline a new game as the stubble.
The file must be unpacked and the individual zip files into the mods folder.
Changes and Fixes in V2:
> BGA can not be fed. New built-wolverine
> Manure can not be loaded. New built-dung
> Feed mixers can not be loaded at the barn with barley. Trigger change


Download: Stable and BGA for Riversidemap V2 []
Download: Stable and BGA for Riversidemap V2 []