Agro Simulator 2011 Trailer


Agro Simulator 2011 trailer

-Giants in 2014 after signing an agreement to develop agro-simulator exclusively for astragon

-In addition to the review of the graphics and physics engine in particular the implementation of this area are the animals on the farm, as well as multiplayer game play in the foreground

-The latter will enable you to communicate with the classic games online on another server, and to jointly manage the farm. These are also the acquisition, breeding and care of animals and sale of products related to agriculture will be one.

-Release of agriculture is another simulator on the second Half of 2010, the

The user’s wishes:

– In 2011 LS Multiplayer available

– Calendar

– Livestock feed – available in LS 2011

– New Fruit growing

– More brands

– Residents are on the move

– Other farmers in the map where you can help.

– Areas can buy or rent.

– Tire Tracks

– Damage to Vehicle

– Dynamic Soil

– Vehicles and equipment can be rented from the dealer

– Autopilot

– Other farmers in the single-player mode, which can help / you can ask for help.

– People with a 3D view

– Naturkatsatrophen

– Police & Fire

– Improving the engine (not so sensitive poly)

– Support for multiple processor cores

– Grubbing and gather potatoes

can – begin the career mode: The first performers and acts more on the way to purchase their own farms / performers.

– Vice eg Mercedes or truck MAN (wheat, maize, etc) + Trailer coupling

– Trailer of the land

– Hoftrac with Weidemann or comb Towbar

– Contracts with the road maintenance such as mowing road

– Abfahrhelfer

– Villagers hired as laborers

– Larger map

– Veterinarian / pets can get sick

– Silo cover to cover and you can cut with one silo unloader, and then bring in a stable

– 4 seasons


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  1. mee

    I like Farmingsimulator very much
    i have ordered it from my store but it havent come yet…
    anyone knows when it comes to norway???

  2. ole mikal

    WHEN IS IT COMING TO NORWAY???????????????????????????????????????????????????
    BUT IS IT JUST CLAAS ON AGRO SIMULATOR????????????????????????????????????

  3. Lars

    Order online download, then you don’t need to wait for the shops to get the game

  4. mee

    if you`re downloading it you are gonna need a administrator password

  5. David

    Does 09 mods with 2011 fs???

  6. JAMES

    no 09 mods do not work with 2011fs, they have to be rescripted and then you can use in 2011fs.

  7. JAMES

    does anybody know whats going on with agro simulator ,last i heard they where told to remove from the market (via astrogon)from i beleive uig, but appears to have droped off the face of the planet. dont know if just had to many bugs in it or legal battles???????????????

  8. mee

    i ordered it for over an month ago and when i checked with the shop this week they could not find a deliverer…
    what should i doo???

  9. jcbmanz

    where can you get agro sim from?

  10. matthieu

    hello my computer write install latest video drivers who is it

  11. abdu

    how to install the map to the PDA?
    pda map still shows my old . my old farm is still there and it wont go away
    Please help somebody??

  12. farmer12

    is argo simulator the same as farming simulator ??

  13. mee

    no agro simulator and farming simulator is different games

  14. mee

    has agro simulator been taken off the market???

  15. Matt

    pls is Agro simulator same as FS11?? Thx 4 answer

  16. Martin

    fuck det skule hver en john deere 8530

  17. DTX

    I have a very inportant question. Is the only company in the game CLAAS? If it is, then that will make alot of case ih and jhon deere fans upset. Unless you can download mods. Than that would be okay. Will this website make mods for agro sim?

  18. afox

    its on steam right now i think until March/2/11 it is $17.99 US
    i don’t think that anyone should worry about the only stuff being CLASS i’m sure that their is going to be enough people to get the mods going.

  19. David R

    how many times was this flimmed on a super computer cause i have very good gaming computer and farming simulator 2011 slows it down was wondering how much this would slow it down to

  20. NickG

    Agro simulator same as FS11?? No

    has agro simulator been taken off the market No Steam has it 19.99

  21. elmo

    no, agro simulator has nothing to do the same with ls2011, it is much better than ls2011, graphics, textures, you can buy yourself cows, bulls, horses, etc. .. just as all the tractors Class and that’s it … I can not wait modds .. … cao … elmo

  22. Bob

    What does it mean when it allows you too enable IC?? What is IC??

  23. pepajohn

    I have agro simulator and it does not work well. When I start it up I can’t control my mouse or any other part of the simulator. I have tried to get help from steam but I have never received any answers.

  24. niklas

    on of you who have know Profarm?
    when it’s coming to the shops in Norway?

  25. stathis

    Guys.Does anyone know a map for fs09 which contains a vineyard?PLEASE somebody answer this message!

  26. Nick

    Very bad game! The implements have been detaching all time and disappearing.

  27. bobi

    This is the coolest game I’ve played

  28. cosmin

    va rog care stie cum se seamana

  29. JASON


  30. Me

    when its coming to Estonia????????

  31. peapol

    c’est enbaitent les minuites voir des heure pour telecherger

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