Landwirtschafts Simulator 2011 Trailer

Landwirtschafts Simulator 2011 Trailer


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  1. claas 24

    tro styler a penne sorti je lacheterai car meilleur graphisme et sa changeras des fendt

  2. John D

    damn so cool …..Yeah!

  3. fs 09 fan

    this farming simulator has then deutz on 09 has fendt but do they got 2010

  4. ClaasLexion

    cool new Landwirtschefts Simulator cool cool cool

  5. mccormick 67

    oui trop cool ls 11

  6. jack

    This looks pretty awsome, and a different tractor make to use :)

  7. nico04

    This Opus is going to be very exciting !! Just in my opinion , i don’t like Deutz-Fahr too much ( i repeat , it’s just my opinion ), but it’s not a big problem ;-p , graphisms are so beautiful and animations realistics . Wait end of October ….And what about multiplayer function ??

  8. claas 24

    tro styler ls 2011

  9. Vinz28

    Adieu Fendt, Bonjour Deutz. Cet opus a été retravaillé graphiquement, les reflets sur les matériels montrent qu’on change de moteur graphique. Un mode multiplayer en lan ou sur internet sera disponible. L’élevage sera aussi de la partie vue qu’on pourat devenir producteur de lait. Dispo fin octobre 2010, ce jeux se fera plus réaliste et jouer entre amis lui donne une durée de vie quazi illimitée!!

    (commentaire basé sur la vidéo mais attendon de voir les autres bonnes surprises.)

    See ya

  10. Bogdan

    Dar cand se lanseaza???

  11. jd6930

    will it be in english

  12. clement

    ttro cool putin deja que jaime deutz alor plus sa ces tro cool

  13. jd1988

    ja existe o download deste jogo?

  14. Claas 62

    a font vivement la sortie je tien pu ^^

  15. Claas 62

    mais non en fait qui sait quand il sort ???????????:@

  16. noah

    so when is it coming out?

  17. jack

    End of october its coming out
    There IS Multiplayer,
    And it will be in english :)

  18. Jack

    were can buy it

  19. Vinz28

    Claas 62, il sort normalement entre mi et fin octobre…

  20. amınıza goyam

    la siz big toto ve göt lü sünüz amcık soğanlar :DDDDD

  21. Charlie

    dose mods of farming simulator 2009 gold go on to 2011

  22. Kristian J

    <3 18 october 2010 <3

  23. kevin

    29 september 2010

  24. onur

    ohhh very nice ben türküm

  25. alvar

    tere.kas keegi oskaks mind aitada.mul on farming simulator 2009 eks aga tahaks nagu sinna midAGI PEALE tõmmada aga niimoodi nagu otse mängu

  26. Dark Brotherhood

    make it in englisg i don’t speak german english dude english

  27. mee

    i got very many mods to framing simulator 2009….
    does these work to farmingsimulator 2011???????

  28. me

    wat is the difrense between this and agro simulator???

  29. me

    when dud it come out???

  30. Emil


  31. aurelien

    est ce que on peut le telegarge

  32. dikpik


  33. onur

    ohh yea sexy ahhh ohhhh fuck me

  34. corin

    that will be cool if next time you can use massy fergusons

  35. corin

    can some onemake a massy ferguson 6465 with a loder please

  36. Pro Master New Holland

    Mods for 2008 / 2009 / 2009 gold does not work on 2011, the game engine is different from 2009 of course.
    8 player limit on multiplayer.
    it will come an english version, later.
    be patient the first to month because mods will be limited, if u want mods be patient.

  37. JJ

    kk so it is coming out in ENGLISH on the 18th

  38. JJ

    and this game is exactly the same as agor simulator??? y is there two??

  39. dirk

    Agro simulator 2011 is way better than farming simulator 2011!!

  40. JJ

    y is it better i do not no whitch one to bye???? HELP

  41. dirk

    it is better because you have people on the move which means its more realistic and you can get road maintenance contracts. and also there is fire fighters and police.

  42. dirk

    also you can rent equipment and there are more fruit to be grown.

  43. dirk

    sorry, change that to renting and buying area (land)

  44. dave

    can you feed your animals with the silage you have cut?
    someone please help!!!

  45. john

    ups srry fail the new faming sumolater is os nice do you gays have try the demo ??

  46. dave

    is there a demo? if so can i have a link please

  47. Michael

    Agro simulator 2011 sucks bad bad game play. .. i go for FS 2011

  48. dirk

    agreed, it absolutely sucks!!!! it looked good but it sucks!!!!

  49. toncho

    igrata e mnogo goina

  50. Doma33

    Pls sesies keys….thx 😀

  51. niels


  52. Wiggles

    Anyone know when the English version will be released?

  53. marein

    the game is cool

    i’l download him

  54. Dennis

    You can already get english version Wiggles 😀 my friend and i made english yesturday on our computers and it works! 😀

  55. edward

    where do get ls 2011 from on internet i looked on game and it said it will be out on the 5th of november?

  56. mee

    anyone knows when it comes to NORWAY???

  57. Sepp

    This Game is very very Cool

  58. Sepp

    Hallo ihr da was macht ihr gerade bei LS

  59. andy

    the game was realised 16 nov

  60. dominik

    Hallo ihr da was macht ihr gerade bei LS

  61. dominik

    ls is cool

  62. arjen

    please tell me the product key i lost it :(

  63. game master

    I lost the product key too

  64. kristian

    RSNBJ-54PRT-74LFD-B8TD2-MRNPZ thath is the produck key

    how cant i install the game i has installt the many times :) thats is not fun :(

  65. hetkar

    hey how i can add mods???

  66. hetkar

    lol produck key is invalid

  67. dave

    my game wont work it loads it and then says game engine wont work. and it says it will work on my laptop. so dissapionting

  68. mee

    there is a different product key for each disc, so if it is lost, than it is lost

  69. kalin

    Can you find me a header for sunflower??

  70. Luk4ful

    How to play multyplayer????Can somebody tell my….pls..

  71. Explane

    If you want to play multiplayer you must press on “Multiplayer” after that you must press on “Join Game” then you can switch between International, Deutschland A,Deutschland B, or Continental Europe then you can play multiplayer 😀

  72. diman

    please tell me the product key i lost it :( pls

  73. corentin

    bonjour sa va?

  74. mladen

    cool igra sa modovima

  75. justin

    hoe moet ik de mods op het spel zetten???


  76. dennis

    i plees sende games

  77. micheal

    does anyboby know what you are supposed to do with the round bales when they are done in fs2011.

  78. twan

    i have the game and hi is the best game ever!!

  79. twan

    justin je download ze en zet ze in de map (mods)

  80. Andrisoi

    sall imi place farte mult jocul si as vrea sa Downloadez si io daca ma poate ajuta cnv va rog sa o faceti pentruca io nu gasesc niciunde de unde sal Downloadez ok bye bye

  81. mataFSfun

    When is FS 2012 coming?

  82. dinko

    здр как да истегля мод на Landwirtschafts Simulator 2011

  83. levi

    ga naar computer dan documenten dan games dan farming simulator dan klik je op mods en opslaan


    E TARE

  85. mamadou

    faire caca va nique ta mére merci :)

  86. giorgos

    how downolder this game e?please

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