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Apr 10 2013

Slurry Pack

Slurry Pack

Slurry Transport Tank Slurry Container Slurry Tanker

Heubaron feat Sidewalk

Download: Slurry Pack []
Download: Slurry Pack []

Feb 18 2013

CLAAS MEGA 204 v1 edit by Pavson69

CLAAS MEGA 204 v1 edit by Pavson69

Mod Posiada:
– Otwierane drzwi “J”
-Ruchoma sieczkarnie “5″
-Otwierany zbiornik “6″
Mod has:
– Opened door “J”
– Movable chaff-cutters’ 5 ”
– Opened container “6″
– 1:1 scale

Dj Tedex
Edit: Pavson69 aka PavsonRM

Download: CLAAS MEGA 204 v1 edit by Pavson69 []
Download: CLAAS MEGA 204 v1 edit by Pavson69 []

Jan 02 2013

Krassort manure sidelines container v1.0

Krassort manure sidelines container v1.0

Hier ist für Euch ein Feldrandcontainer der Firma Krassort. Mit seinem Fassungsvermögen von 55m³ (55000l) erspart man sich eine menge Zeit mit dem Güllefass beim befüllen an Güllegruben. Der Container kann entweder direkt an der Grube befüllt werden oder am Feldrand mit einem Güllezubringer.
Das Modell ist 1:1 !!!
Länge: 8,50m
Breite: 2,50m
Höhe: 3,00m
Polys Container: 12916
Preis: 19549 LS-€
Unterhaltskosten: 26 LS-€
Fassungsvolumen: 55m³ = 55000 Liter
ZIP-Grösse: 1,43 MB

Liftachse und Stütze animiert
Liftachse kann nur durch Trigger bedient werden
Liftachse kann nicht bedient werden solang ein Trecker dran hängt
Überladevorgangn kann nur vom Trigger bedient werden wenn ein Fass da steht
Überladevorgang am Trigger kann im gesenkten oder angehängtem Zustand am Trigger bedient werden
Ankoppeln nur im gehobenen Zustand möglich
BEL3.1 (Blinker, Rückfahrlicht)
Plane mit Shader
linke Deichselseite am Füllstandrohr kann man den Container heben/senken
rechte Deichselseite am Druckkessel kann der Überladevorgang gestartet oder gestoppt werden (geht nur wenn ein Fass dabei steht oder ein Zubringer !!!)
Wir wünschen Euch viel spass mit dem mod !

Modell, Texturen: Repi
Ingame, Animationen: Repi, Alex2009
Scripte: fruktor, Sven777b, Outlaw
Scriptmodify: Alex2009
Powered by RA-Modding !

Download: Krassort manure sidelines container v1.0 []
Download: Krassort manure sidelines container v1.0 []

Dec 27 2012

Container lifter v Final [MP]

Container lifter v Final [MP]

LS2011 Ready:
LS2013: adcrafter27

pcspast -> Modforall ->Adcrafter27

Download: Container lifter v Final [MP] []
Download: Container lifter v Final [MP] []

Dec 13 2012

Seeding rear container v2.0

Seeding rear container v2.0

You can trigger the seeding fill the planter directly under the sowing and must not go to the court (see pictures) Money is deducted as the standard trigger on the farm Flawless! Price: € 1599 LS Maintenance: 5 € per day

Textur: Michl2 Seeding: KeineAhnung93 Ingame: john deere 1020 Scripte: modelleicher, fendtfahrer95, Geri-G, desperados93

Download: Seeding rear container v2.0 []
Download: Seeding rear container v2.0 []

Oct 04 2012

MB trac 1500 Gullezug with accessories v 1.0 Beta

MB trac 1500 Güllezug with accessories v 1.0 Beta

Here is my MB – trac Güllezug

I was asked many times in the past few days afterwards.
Have fun with the set you wish Jesse James

The set includes.
1x MB trac 1500
1x Aufsattelfass Kaweco
1x sidelines container
1x Shuttle 42.000L

First MB trac 1500
The MB trac 1500 has a superimposable with key Y ball for gooseneck drum. The barrel can NOT attach before the ball was not Superimposed. Moreover the trac button on NUMPAD 0 switchable dual tires and warning signs.

Second Gooseneck drum Kaweco
The gooseneck drum is the “old” Kaweco barrel of Acid Burn. The drum was complete. rebuilt the drag hoses were removed and a gooseneck with baffle plate is mounted as the suction arm disappeared this application. Furthermore, a new particle system installed has been added the barrel animated supporting feet is an underride guard and a lateral promotion with Laufläche on the barrel, it also has been color matched to the matched trac Fahrvehalten and more

The error is the barrel shines like a rainbow been corrected
(This error was not on at all but only vereinzelnt)

Third Sidelines container
The sidelines container has a New Fruit Plane get not so much about is, it’s a climb with bridge added to the container and for better transport, he will now be lifted via a drawbar / pulled ie he forwards now digging into his stride, behind grade the tractor läuft.Ausserdem fit visually to MB trac

4th Shuttle 45.000L
The shuttle has just got new tires and new paint and minor performance work

MB trac : Schluterfan
Schwanenhalsfass : Acid Burn
Feldrand Container : Skydancer / Modhoster Team
Zubringer : Skydancer / Modhoster Team / blackzeus / Virtualfarming

Download: MB trac 1500 Gullezug with accessories v 1.0 Beta []
Download: MB trac 1500 Gullezug with accessories v 1.0 Beta []

Aug 15 2012

La Nivernaise

La Nivernaise

Welcome to Map “La Nivernaise”.
This map is a hilly terrain with trays, wood, river, many roads and secondary roads. The movements are easy and some places are adjusted accordingly to make life easier. Several points of purchase / sale are distributed on the map. It requires work with “Farming Simulator 2011 Platinum”, but without the BGA. All other elements are operational, however, he is not sure it works in multiplayer mode. A try.

This card big enough (240 MB) must be used by a PC to good performance. Composed of 26 surface near medium and large . Two locations are equipped to receive the Aeolians, and greenhouses. I hope it will appeal to lovers of great space.

From the beginning, you have a good level of equipment allowing you to progress through the game faster. Fruit available: wheat, barley, rapeseed, corn, sunflower, sugarbeet, green wheat, soybean, peas and potatoes. Many parcels are planted. Eight containers let you store your grain

A special effort is made to environment, shrubs, trees, rivers and sounds. lighting is used at night in the farmhouse, the barn and the main stabule. Water and manure is near greenhouses. Several outlets straw, manure, silage and grass are placed on the map, As the supply of fertilizer, fuel and of seed.

Included in the RAR file,
> La_NivernaiseV1 (235 MB)
> Necessary mods to the game. (95 MB)
> Mode uses “La Nivernaise” (6 MB)
> Read me.

Map “La Nivernaise” V1 : by pocket58.

Download: La Nivernaise []
Download: La Nivernaise []

Jul 23 2012

Gross Kern Land Edited by HMBigMaps

Gross Kern Land Edited by HMBigMaps

MAP Fruits: Original crops + sugarbeet.

The milk must be sold to the port manually. Use a truck with a courseplay.

INTRODUCTION. Welcome to Gross Kern Land Map.
Welcome to this edition of the map Gross Kern Land by HMBig Maps. This is a complete redesign of the map based on the original version. We added many new things and also many objects were removed; new fields were created. New texture with better quality and extensive vegetation to complement and embellish the map.
You start the game with a few old implements and low productivity. However, all lands are in your name and available for plowing or seeding. You can do a financing at Royal Bank or work from sunrise to sunset to get a significant amount of money and invest in new implements.


Here is the complex dairy production. Where can you deposit their silage and grass, recharge their equipment with seed, fertilizer, store your straw bales, store the machines in large sheds and remove the liquid manure and solid manure applied to the crop.

This is the main farm. A small complex with grainstation silos for the storage of grain bins, grain loading and a free area, near the silos, to store the production of sugar beet.

This is a complet BGA made by Meistro. There are 3 silos of 1,500 tons (4500 tons in total) where you can deposit their silage. Then, with a shell, depositing it in the crusher and generate clean energy and manure to fertilize the fields.

The port complex includes cargo ships grain, container and sugar factory. It is the only place on the map where you can sell their production. The port is located near the village.
NOTES: The milk must be collected manually. Use a truck with a trailer of a large capacity and serious courseplay for him to collect milk from the main farm to dairy plant.

CHANGELOG Here are the modifications to the original map. With all due respect to the original creator of the map, this version is not a new improved version, but an alternative version, modified to my liking.
- New crops: wheat, barley, rape, sugar beet, and Grass silage. – New main farm grain storage, large patio to manually deposit their production of beet and loading new bins for grain.
- New complex of milk, hay storage, fertilizer storage, cowzone, seeds, garage.
- New BGA complete by Meistro.
- New port, complete with grainstation and silos.
- New sugar factory where you can sell their production of sugar beet.
- New fields.
- New texture for ground corn for silage.
- New growth time.
- Milkmod
- Adjust the cutting height of the plants.
- New landscaping on the main roads asphalt.

Original Map: BigDaddy99
Edited by Tiago P. (HMBigMaps)

Download: Gross Kern Land Edited by HMBigMaps []

May 23 2012

Agroliner Feldrandcontainer 40m3_BETA

Agroliner Feldrandcontainer 40m3_BETA

This is only a beta

Modell/Textur: Cyber11/Tuddi
Script/inGame: sven18koehler
Edit: Tuddi
Powered by Toby_Farming

Download: Agroliner Feldrandcontainer 40m3_BETA []

May 15 2012

Ginaf Truck Beta

Ginaf Truck Beta

here is my ginaf truck 60 tons HKL version
container is within the pack

for skin and cab

Download: Ginaf Truck Beta []

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