Jun 15 2013

Novgorodovka v 3.0

Novgorodovka v 3.0

Maude “Novgorodovka v3.0 GLOBAL” for Agriculture / Farming Simulator 2013 – Culture: oats, wheat, potatoes, beets and corn. Since rape is not growing in our area, I replaced it with reeds. (If you want to cultivate sugar cane, he is seen as culture). There are liquid and solid manure. Cows, sheep and chickens are on the map. Home technology is not, so take the credit.


Download: Novgorodovka v 3.0 [Depositfiles.com]
Download: Novgorodovka v 3.0 [Uploaded.to]

Jun 15 2013

Deutz Agrotron 620 startup sound v 1.0

Deutz Agrotron 620 startup sound v 1.0


this is a new start sound for the standard Deutz Agrotron 620

I think the sound is this sound better than the standart sound,

therefore I have prepared all times and will provide it to you to download.

The installation of the mods or the insert is a little difficult but for something of the

unknowing children have a play and for everyone else I have a readme included with the mod

where in 22 tiny little steps I explain how to install the mod is.

I explain everything in the readme it in tiny steps, it really any beginner hinbekomt.

Der Sound ist ein Anderer Startsound aus dem Standart LS 13
und wurde von mir so bearbeitet das er beim Deutz Agrotron 620 Funktioniert, weil ich finde das dieser Startsound sehr gut zum Deutz Agrotron 620 passt.

Download: Deutz Agrotron 620 startup sound v 1.0 [Depositfiles.com]
Download: Deutz Agrotron 620 startup sound v 1.0 [Uploaded.to]

Jun 15 2013

Mullins farmland v 1.0

Mullins farmland v 1.0

Liebe LS Freunde,

hier ist die Erste Map für LS 2013 von der LS-Community.com…

Die Onkelz Ackerland basiert auf einer Frei erfundenen Landschaft….

es sind verbaut folgende Anwesen

- ein Hof mit ausreichend Platz für die Maschinen etc.

- eine Zuckerrübenfabrik

- eine BGA mit Silobergen

- ein Gasthaus wo sämtliche Früchte Verkauft werden können

- natürlich den Landmaschinen Händler

- eine Molkerei

- und einige sonstige schönen Sachen….


Download: Mullins farmland v 1.0 [Depositfiles.com]
Download: Mullins farmland v 1.0 [Uploaded.to]

Jun 15 2013

livestock trailer v 1.0

livestock trailer v 1.0

Model from ALH converted and edited by Písty and Javier007

Capacity: 40 pigs
Daily cost: 25
Specialization for livestock_trailer mod: Defender
Pigs plan: Marhu and Sven777b
Ingame: Písty and Javier007

Modell: Pisty and Javier007
Textur: Pisty
Ingame: Pisty and Javier007

Big Boss Modding

Pigs planes: Marhu and Sven777b
script: Defender

Download: livestock trailer v 1.0 [Depositfiles.com]
Download: livestock trailer v 1.0 [Uploaded.to]

Jun 15 2013

Ford 551 v 3.1

Ford 551 v 3.1

Ford 551 round baler

Pressed wheat and barley straw and hay and grass.

Ball capacity 3000 l

What’s new:
- Original Giants bales with new texture added (original straw bales were recognized as the feed mixer)
– Bale Planning inserted, the bale is now visible and with increasing filling larger (disappears at 99% in order to make the real bales Square)
? In the photos from the original that I could find on the internet, I am not sure if the straps are wrapped around the bale, have therefore dispensed with a corresponding replica?
Adjusted PTO at LS13 -
– Driving dust added (Credit: Manuel leithner, SFM-Modding)
– Lighting Script added (credits: Sven777b)
Translated texts in German -
– Adjusted price to € 12,800 LS (used internet search balers)

– Replaced original Giants bales by bales with new texture (original mod bales of straw were all Regarded as by feed mixer)
– Inserted plan for loading progress, now the bale grows with Increasing filling (it vanishes at 99% to be Replaced by bale to unload)
? I did not find pictures in the internet of the real where the baler baling process is shown. Therefore I am not sure if the belts go around the bale during pressing. I omitted examined belts. ?
– Power Take-Off angepasst to LS13
– Added dust (Credit: Manuel leithner, SFM-Modding)
– Added turn lights (Credit: Sven777b)
– Translation to German
– Price set to € 12,800 LS (medium price of used balers taken from internet)

Original upload text:
Ford 551 Roundbaler v 2.0

This is my skin for 2011 Ford 551 baler converted for FS 2013

Mainly Ford balers were sold in the 70s and were manufactured for Ford by Gehl. The Ford 551 and later the 552 were quite popular in Their day.

Bales wheat and barley straw, grass or drygrass
B: turns on / off baler
X: unloads bale
added on 24.05.2013 by ccs101

ccs101 (Original Mod)
Manuel Leithner, SFM-Modding (Fahrstaub)
Sven777b (Beleuchtungsskript)

Download: Ford 551 v 3.1 [Depositfiles.com]
Download: Ford 551 v 3.1 [Uploaded.to]

Jun 15 2013

Lizard4221 v 1.0

Lizard4221 v 1.0

another one from my private collection, but it is again a prototype of lizard

von mir und giants

Download: Lizard4221 v 1.0 [Depositfiles.com]
Download: Lizard4221 v 1.0 [Uploaded.to]

Jun 15 2013

MAN with chopped up v 1.0

MAN with chopped up v 1.0

Hello Dear LS Fans

Today we present to you the MAN with chopped up available

As a result, we received many inquiries when it is finished

Today we give him free.

There are still some things to make but this is to be resolved in the FInal version.

What is even better:

light script
A couple details

The mod runs flawlessly in SP and Mp.

Currently only the light can be turned on in the Man pushing for about 2 seconds on F.

But I guess you can live with.

Support is available only in our forum:


The building originates from the chaff Eifokteam.

Harry and Turbo Freak of us have given permission for this.

Muk Modding Crew
Aufbau Eifok Team

Download: MAN with chopped up v 1.0 [Depositfiles.com]
Download: MAN with chopped up v 1.0 [Uploaded.to]

Jun 15 2013

Green Grower v 1.0

Green Grower v 1.0

I3D Weight: 3,7 mb

especially dedicated to medium green grower Tractors John Deere

c_john deere

Download: Green Grower v 1.0 [Depositfiles.com]
Download: Green Grower v 1.0 [Uploaded.to]

Jun 15 2013

Rubber car v 1.0

Rubber car v 1.0

I made me even think about it and to make an existing trailer from FS 2011 a nice little trailer for LS 2013.

He has two structures:
1 For grain: 5500 liters
2 Arms: It may take 130 small bales and has a Ballenattacher, so that you can load it up with a front loader.

The trailer is supposed to be modeled on an old rubber car, so he is not very big, looks a bit taken and has NO tilt function.

In game: Bociek
Script: fruktor, sven777b, Burner
Umbau & LS 2013 durch Maxey

Download: Rubber car v 1.0 [Depositfiles.com]
Download: Rubber car v 1.0 [Uploaded.to]

Jun 12 2013

Eppstein v 1

Eppstein v 1

Hey people,
Now it is full-Bracht!
My first map Eppstein is finished and ready for you.


2 villages


grain traders

grain storage

Multi Terrain

Signs for UmfahrenDie map is best for large enterprises, because it is very large and has many fields.
Fertilizer and seeds must be bought from the Eifok country trade.

known Bug

a few texture errors (warnings)


Download: Eppstein v 1 [Depositfiles.com]
Download: Eppstein v 1 [Uploaded.to]

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